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We have been operating as a software house since 2020. Since then, we have completed many projects in Poland and abroad. We deal with the creation of dedicated web applications. We are distinguished by the comprehensiveness of the services offered - we create software "from A to Z", dealing with the project, preparing the design in terms of UX/UI, implementation, testing and maintenance of the software. We build both simple products MVPs, as well as applications that have extensive functionality. We provide professional solutions for businesses, including start-ups.



Product Discovery

Determination of the client's business, functional and non-functional needs concerning the applications we develop.


Dedicated Web Applications

We design and implement advanced software solutions to meet diverse business objectives.


IoT Development

Building cutting-edge applications in which we integrate devices that work with the Internet of Things.


MVP/Proof of Concept

Development of products with minimal functionality (MVP) and implementation of projects that verify the validity of the technology (PoC).


Web Application UX/UI

We prepare the visual layer of web applications in terms of UX requirements (user experience) and UI (user interface).



Implementation of functional and responsive websites and web portals that attract attention with attractive design and are easy to use.

Case Study

See case studies of some of the projects


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