IT body leasing – what is it and how does it affect the company’s efficiency?

Increasing competition in the market is causing companies to look for technological advantages. Due to staff shortages when it comes to programmers, a great way to increase the efficiency of the IT department is body leasing. What is it and what benefits can be achieved through it? This is what you will find out in the article.

Features of IT body leasing

IT body leasing involves a software house providing its employee or employees to perform specific duties at another company. In other words, it is the hiring of IT specialists who join the client’s internal team to perform specific tasks.

Body IT leasing is carried out under a contract. It specifies:

  • its duration – it can be a few days, and in the case of complex projects even many weeks or months,
  • the scope of competence of the IT specialist – he may, for example, head the team delegated to build the IT application and, as a project manager, be authorized to manage subordinate employees,
  • the type of duties performed by him.

A variation of body leasing is team leasing. Under it, a software house directs an entire project team to work for the client, which is responsible for building a specific application, for example.

IT body leasing allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of IT professionals as long as the current needs of the company require it. It’s a flexible solution that more and more companies, large, medium and micro, and even public institutions, are using.

At CosmicWeb, we appreciate the potential associated with body leasing, which is why our team members are eager to work with other companies in such a model. Contact us for more details.

Body leasing vs. IT outsourcing

Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, but this is not correct practice. Outsourcing is broader in nature – under it, a company entrusts a specialized entity with an entire process or area of its business, so, for example, management of the IT department or comprehensive IT support.

Body leasing can be described as personal IT outsourcing, as its essence is the delegation of one or more software house employees to participate in the client’s project team. Other resources, including technology, are usually provided by the recipient.

When is it appropriate to use body IT leasing?

It is reasonable when the company:

  • does not have employees adequately trained in IT, and therefore lacks the know-how to implement activities that contribute to the level of competitiveness in the market,
  • needs immediate support from programmers,
  • intends to grow intensively, but does not know how to do so using IT systems – in which case it needs advice and practical implementation of ideas put forward by a specialist,
  • wants to temporarily increase capacity in connection with a time-constrained project,
  • requires hiring people who have specific, specialized IT skills.

Companies often use body leasing due to lack of time to conduct recruitment for a specific position, which is usually a tedious and costly process. Significantly, it does not always guarantee the achievement of the set goal – note that there is currently a shortage of more than 600,000 programmers on the European market, while in Poland it is about 50,000 people. Finding the right specialist is therefore a difficult task. Body leasing, which CosmicWeb offers, is an effective answer to such problems.

IT body leasing means numerous benefits for the company

Body leasing is an effective answer to the many challenges that arise in a company’s external and internal environment. It’s a solution to increase the efficiency and flexibility of an organization’s operations, resulting in improved competitiveness in the market and efficient implementation of strategic goals.

Cost reduction

Body leasing means even a several-fold reduction in the costs incurred by the company in connection with the implementation of IT activities. This consists of many factors, and one of the most important is that the company does not have to create a new job position and hire a dedicated employee.

This eliminates the costs associated with:

  • recruitment – it is not uncommon to have to hire a professional recruiter, which means considerable expenses,
  • training the employee and introducing him/her to professional duties – he/she has to learn the specifics of the company’s operations and the IT systems used within it,
  • organization of the workplace, including the purchase of a desk, laptop or telephone,
  • compensating the employee.

Not having to perform such tasks is not only a tangible saving in terms of cost, but also in terms of time.

Flexibility in managing the company’s IT processes

Thanks to body leasing, one gains the desired IT competence exactly when there are specific reasons for it, so, for example, at the time of intensive development of the company or an increase in the level of competition. If we use the services of a specialized entity such as a software house, body leasing is a great way to be able to react flexibly to the market situation, including in terms of:

  • technological innovations and trends that are emerging all the time,
  • constantly changing consumer requirements,
  • solutions used by competitors.

In such a model of cooperation, quick access to the necessary IT specialists ensures that the company can respond effectively to changes in the technological environment. It is easier for it to plan the work and manage the project team – at any time, if necessary, its number can be increased by additional programmers, and employees can be dynamically selected based on their specialties and detailed competencies.

Body leasing can be settled conveniently and flexibly, according to the needs of the company. The most common are two models:

  • time & material – billing on the basis of the so-called timesheet, i.e. on an hourly basis, which is often used in projects implemented over several or more months,
  • fixed price – in this solution, payment is made after the completion of all or part of the tasks, so, for example, when the team finishes building the application.

Body IT leasing is a safe solution. Although it is not uncommon for an external employee to gain access to trade secrets or company know-how, contractual provisions protect against the possibility of unauthorized use of such knowledge. Thus, we do not have to fear the leakage of information that could be used by competitors.

It is not uncommon for a company to employ only one IT specialist who is responsible for processes that are key to the company’s development. Imagine the situation when he will suddenly be missing because:

  • he became seriously ill and will not be able to perform his duties for several weeks,
  • he terminated his employment contract and left for a better-paid position in another organization.

What then? The result is downtime in the company’s operations and a nervous search for a suitable candidate. Problems with continuity of work can also result from incompetence of employees and incorrect execution of tasks by them.

Body IT leasing helps prevent this type of situation, as it allows you to hire a specialist:

  • exactly when we need it, and for such a period as the company’s needs require,
  • who has the competencies ideally suited to the job.

Did you know that body leasing also provides numerous benefits for us as a software house? Thanks to it we can:

  • successively develop our skills, including interpersonal cooperation,
  • learn about different organizational cultures and gain valuable experience with them,
  • test technological solutions to offer even better in terms of quality services.

Body IT leasing is a mutually beneficial model. Its rapidly growing popularity is not surprising.