Easy management of IoT devices through Flespi.io

The Internet of Things is a breakthrough technology that enables data exchange between equipment and devices that we use every day at home or during professional activities. Did you know that access to such data is easier than ever ever before? Do you need to integrate information from different sources, but you do not have the right tool? Do you want to streamline processes in your company? Find out what is Flespi.

What is the Flespi platform and who will benefit most from it?

It’s a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, where you pay for the resources you use. solution in which you pay for the resources you use. Flespi collects and shares data from devices that operate within the Internet of Things. This includes a variety of sources, including:

  • IoT sensors deployed in various equipment, which includes BLE tags (used for monitoring and predicting failures in industrial equipment), beacons (miniature devices that can send notifications), and other types of meters,
  • GPS locators found in cars, vans, scooters
    or bicycles,

Using Flespi, we gain convenient access to data. We can choose the way of access:

  • REST API – data on demand,
  • MQTT API – subscribe and receive notifications,
  • streams – transferring data directly to other platforms.

Flespi is designed for anyone who works with IoT and
telematics. This includes:

  • IoT equipment manufacturers – with the platform, new users will have access to their services users,
  • companies offering IoT solutions, which can improve the functionalities they offer by them,
  • companies using large amounts of telemetry data, including
    fleet management companies or vehicle manufacturers,
  • IoT integrators and coordinators – thanks to Flespi they will help their clients enter the market faster and grow within it.

Flespi is also useful for software houses – using the platform they have easy access to data, which allows them to efficiently implement many projects.


Flespi.io – exceptional functionality for managing
IoT devices

With Flespi, there is no need to connect or integrate with each you have access to nearly 1,000 different types of devices, all on a single platform all through a single platform.

It enables end-to-end management of devices and vehicles based on the Internet of Things. This is done in a convenient, remote way, for example, using a smartphone based on iOS or Android with the use of which it is possible to send SMS commands.

With the platform, we have the ability to:

  • configure all the devices we use within a single, easy to use interface, so there is no need to use tools from from multiple vendors,
  • changing settings – if the parameter that needs to be modified is the same for e.g. 100 vehicles, it is enough to enter one command and the desired options will be applied in each car, without the need to duplicate the message,
  • storing telemetric data in a special database – thanks to this easy access to them exactly when we need them,
  • data visualization by means of dashboards created in real time visualization of data using dashboards created in real time, which allows for constant monitoring of key indicators,
  • creation of reports


Flespi’s functionality is growing because the platform allows for:

  • communication based on popular standards and protocols, including TCP,
    UDP, HTTP, MQTT and API, so we can quickly receive data from devices and transfer data to external systems,
  • sending pre-processed data to where it is most convenient for us, sending pre-processed data where it is most convenient, i.e. to cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or AWS (Amazon Web Services), as well as specialized applications or platforms.

New protocols are added to Flespi all the time, including those submitted by Users themselves – it happens that at their request, the platform includes custom integrations. Can anything more be done to make it easier for us to manage IoT devices? Rather not.

Benefits and examples of IoT deployments

Flespi provides many benefits to users. It is all about streamlining The data collected from disparate sources can be used, for example, to The acquisition of data from distributed sources is useful, for example, for effective transport fleet management, when it is necessary to This makes it possible to monitor the movement of vehicles and to repair faults remotely. This makes it possible to This speeds up processes and reduces costs. It is also important to better plan It is also important to better plan development activities thanks to The change log enables you to better plan development activities.

Many practical examples of Flespi.io applications can be given. Here are some selected ones:

  • monitoring the traffic of concrete mixers – each of them generates about 4 thousand messages
    Each concrete mixer generates about 4,000 messages per day, and creating a report for a whole month for 1,000 vehicles is about 100 100 times faster with Flespi,
  • insurance telematics – quick notification of companies about road accidents or calculation of damages,
  • optimization of deliveries in the food sector – vehicle tracking, monitoring of temperature in cargo spaces, sending messages about loading and
    loading and unloading,
  • storage of various products (FMCG, electronic) – management temperature and humidity in the rooms, regulating the level of lighting,
  • campsite management – access control, personnel management.


Flespi.io takes over communication with IoT devices for us. We don’t have to download data from multiple systems or platforms – Flespi does it for us. This allows us to faster perform many activities and business processes more efficiently. See for yourself, how this innovative platform works.