GPT chat – what is it and how is it useful for developers?

A large response from the media and Internet users has been generated by the introduction of a solution called Chat GPT. It allows to provide answers to various questions, for example, related to modern technologies. We at CosmicWeb could not pass by such an algorithm indifferently, so we tested its operation on our own. What conclusions did we come to? About it in the article.

What is Chat GPT?

It stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer, which can be translated as a pre-trained transforming model. It’s an artificial intelligence-based solution designed to answer questions asked by users. This is done in a natural way, similar to human communication, using text displayed on a computer or smartphone screen.

The project, called Chat GPT, has been in development for several years. It all started in 2015., when Elon Musk and other prominent figures in the technology industry, including Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, founded OpenAI. Its main goal became the intensive development and promotion of artificial intelligence so that it could be increasingly used in society. The company successively published successive GPT models (the first appeared in 2018, the second a year later, and the third in 2020), in each obtaining better and better results.

GPT chat is:

  • versatile – it is based on large text data sets, so it is able to provide information on a variety of topics in many fields, including mathematics, physics, history, geography or computer science; it’s really up to us to decide what we want to learn,
  • fast during operation – we will get answers even to complex issues in a few seconds,
  • scalable – the model allows us to handle many queries simultaneously and formulate a lot of answers in a short time,
  • precise – it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, so it formulates answers based on human-like text, additionally taking into account the context of the conversation and the users’ intentions.

Chat GPT is a machine learning tool, which allows the model to expand its capabilities all the time and formulate answers to increasingly complex questions.

How to use the Chat GPT algorithm?

It’s simple – just:

  • go to or download the mobile app using APKCombo, for example,
  • create an account – you can use your Google account login credentials for this,
  • start asking questions.

The latter can be done both by typing text in the appropriate field and by voice, using the „microphone” function. The use of the algorithm is free for the time being – you only have to pay fees if you gain access to it through the API. It is developed as part of open source software, that is, software in which the source code is made available free of charge. This allows us to modify it according to our own needs.

Chat GPT is a project that is constantly evolving. Already its capabilities are enormous, as we have seen for ourselves. Below we will tell you about our first impressions from using this model.

What is Chat GPT useful for in the CosmicWeb team?

After gaining access to Chat GPT, we immediately started playing with the program. It turned out, however, that it’s not cheap entertainment for the masses, but a real help in our realization of professional matters. Let’s start with the simplest things – Chat GPT can be used for customer service. The algorithm allows us to formulate:

  • an email message to the customer, for example, saying that the application we built will be delivered on time and that there is an invoice attached,
  • answers to questions asked by contractors, including with regard to prices for services or delivery times.

As a result, we don’t have to waste unnecessary time on administrative matters – instead, we can get on with what we like best, which is creating applications for you.

Speaking of applications – did you know that Chat GPT is capable of writing code on its own? No, this is no joke – we checked it ourselves. Take a look at the screenshots below from Chat GPT.

Chat GPT allows you to:

  • write part of the code for the programmer,
  • check the created code,
  • generate tests, such as functionaltests, for the submitted code,
  • acquire tips on the use of various programs and databases – Chat GPT will tell us in which situations certain frameworks will be useful.

Chat GPT is a great tool, given the specifics of the business conducted by CosmicWeb. It is useful for us to streamline our day-to-day operations, which benefits not only ourselves, but also our customers – we can serve them faster and deliver web or mobile applications to them more efficiently. But things are not entirely rosy – Chat GPT is not infallible. Let’s explore what affects it.

Chat GPT – limitations of use

No technology is irreplaceable, and the same is true of Chat GPT. Let’s remember that the algorithm obtains ready-made information from the Internet, but does not verify it or check its source. Therefore, the answers to our questions may not be completely objective and true, since they are based, for example, on stereotypes or views of a certain group of users. Therefore, it is always a good idea to further confirm such information. At CosmicWeb, we constantly do this, so that the final product works exactly as our customer wants it to.

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence. Despite the tremendous development of the technology, it still shows some limitations. These relate to difficulties in:

  • maintaining consistency and coherence when formulating extended sentences or participating in a long dialogue – it may happen that the text is difficult to understand for the average user, and logical errors will appear in it,
  • implementation of open-ended tasks that require a creative approach and imagination,
  • keeping a distance from the recipient – Chat GPT may generate text that will be offensive or inappropriate for a certain group of people,
  • conducting deeper analyses, in which it is necessary to reach for interdisciplinary knowledge and inference.

As we mentioned, Chat GPT allows you to write code. So will you still need the CosmicWeb team? We reassure you – of course you will. Chat GPT is not able to completely replace a human, because, despite its great development, its capabilities are still not as complex as those of humans.

The fact is that because the source codes of applications are the property of our clients, and therefore subject to protection, we cannot transfer them to an external tool like Chat GPT. Therefore, it is still us and not artificial intelligence that dominates when it comes to software development. What is important, however, is that Chat GPT helps us during our daily operations and increases the efficiency of our team members.

Chat GPT capabilities – summary

Chat GPT has attracted our widespread interest since its appearance on the market. We are glad that at CosmicWeb we were able to test its operation – thanks to this we know that the algorithm will come in handy when developing applications for our clients. It will help us write code, gain tips on frameworks worth using when building software, and even check what technology trends are currently dominating. The GPT chat will allow us to gain a broader perspective when it comes to programming.

We encourage each of you to test the model’s performance. Check out its capabilities – it can, for example, write a song or a poem, as well as create a short story for a child. See for yourself how artificial intelligence is entering a whole new era and how it supports activities in many areas, including IT.