How and why do we use IoT devices in our projects?

When developing web applications on a large scale, we use IoT, or Internet of Things, devices. This is necessary so that the software we develop is compatible with all the needs of clients and contributes to their business goals. With the following article, you will learn which devices are most useful and what they offer when it comes to web applications.

What are IoT devices used for?

We use hardware that works with the Internet of Things in every one of our IoT projects. Why? Because through them we develop applications that enable:

  • rapid acquisition and transmission of data, including telemetry, which improves the execution of business processes,
  • integration of information from multiple sources, including IoT sensors placed on various equipment and GPS transmitters – in this regard, the platform is useful, which allows access to almost 1,000 devices, so you don’t have to connect to each of them separately,
  • streamlining the execution of duties by members of our clients’ work teams, even if they operate in a distributed manner – they have access to data from the devices all the time
  • reducing expenses incurred by our clients that are related to data collection and processing.

Thanks to IoT equipment, the flow of even large amounts of data runs smoothly – the Internet and interfaces or protocols like API or MQTT are usually used for this, but a mobile network is also useful, which is used, for example, to change the parameters of the devices.

Any information that is processed within web applications is stored in IoT hardware, from which it can be quickly retrieved. They can also be stored in databases, such as MongoDB or DynamoDB, which allow quick access to data. This greatly facilitates the management of business processes among our customers.

Examples of IoT devices

Below we will present some of the Internet of Things hardware on which some of the web applications developed by CosmicWeb are based.

Body Cam with docking station

Such equipment allows video and audio to be recorded while moving, for example – it can not only be placed on a desk or the cockpit of a car, but can also be hung on clothing. The device is useful, for example, for members of security companies, because:

  • has a high resolution, which ensures high file quality,
  • has a night illuminator to facilitate recording when visibility is poor,
  • is equipped with a wide-angle lens that gives a wide field of view,
  • offers marking of materials with user ID and date and time, connectivity via Wi-Fi and GPS, and viewing of photos and videos via the LCD display.

The memory card slot allows you to record long videos. In turn, the SIM card makes the camera widely applicable. With its help, it is possible to quickly transfer data to systems, stream live, as well as play back archived recordings. Programmable buttons allow you to transmit additional data, such as an alarm to an application. The docking station, equipped with a microUSB input, allows charging the equipment without plugging in a cable.

BodyCam wearable camera

Teltonika FMC125

The device has a number of advantages that make it useful for many of our customers, especially those in the logistics industry with a fleet of transport vehicles, as well as companies using warehouses. The advantages include:

  • equipment with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE modules, which ensure efficient communication in all conditions,
  • long range – the equipment operates within the 4G (LTE Cat 1) network, while also having a fallback function available on the 2G (GSM) network,
  • compatibility with multiple data transmission standards, including RS-232 and RS-485,
  • the ability to integrate with a variety of devices from multiple manufacturers – this includes fuel sensors, RFID readers, GPS locators or Garmin navigation devices, among others,
  • a backup communication channel, which is useful when there are problems with access to the network of one of the operators.

The FMC125 can be used not only for data acquisition, but also for monitoring various equipment or processes. With its help, we can, for example, check the temperature level in a car transporting food (the 1-Wire interface is responsible for this) or the circulation of goods in a warehouse (RFID tags).

Teltonika FMC125

The FMC125 communications terminal allows you to quickly acquire data and then transmit it via LTE or GPS networks to other devices, systems or platforms. In one of the applications we have developed, we paired such a transmitter with a DualCam camera, which allows recording and saving video and audio. It is convenient during use because the device:

  • it has slots for memory cards, so we can collect a large amount of information,
  • records video from two sides, so if it is placed on the windshield of the vehicle, it records what is happening outside and inside the cabin,
  • allows you to take pictures and record videos, which can be quickly transferred to another device or server, setting the frequency of file export.

Teltonika DualCam

The FMC125 terminal and the DualCam camera are equipment that make the implementation of processes, such as transportation, at our customers effective and efficient. Both devices have compact dimensions, so we can easily carry them, and they take up little space on the cockpit of the car.

Teltonika GH5200 tracking device

The equipment allows the acquisition and transmission of location data. Our customers appreciated it for having:

  • slim housing and is convenient to use,
  • 5 customizable buttons so you can program different actions – this includes, for example, sending an SOS alert to the app when something unexpected happens, like a traffic accident,
  • user-friendly interface,
  • the ability to update via the cloud, and to establish high-quality voice communication using a SIM card.

Teltonika GH5200 has a 1050 mAh battery. As a result, the equipment does not need to be charged often.

Teltonika GH5200

Teltonika TAT100

It is a GPS locator with a SIM card that allows you to monitor vehicles, trailers, containers or crates of goods. Tracking is done in real time.
The device is distinguished by:

  • durable, waterproof housing,
  • powerful battery and low power consumption of the Bluetooth chipset, which makes the equipment work for a long time, even for a period of one month, after one charging cycle.

With the TAT100 as part of the applications we build for our clients, it is possible to obtain information on the location and movement of vehicles transporting various goods, stops and stops, as well as unauthorized attempts to enter vehicles. The equipment can be programmed to send alerts.

Teltonika TAT100

The functional applications we develop at CosmicWeb are based on various IoT devices. They are designed for the rapid acquisition and exchange of data, including telemetry. They are used, for example, to monitor vehicles, thereby improving transportation processes.