The ever-increasing requirements of customers, as well as increasing competitiveness in the markets, require companies to implement modern technological solutions. Many of them do not have a separate IT department. In their case, the recommended solution is IT outsourcing. What is it, what benefits does it provide and how do we implement it at CosmicWeb?

What is IT outsourcing?

It is the IT service of a company carried out by an external, specialized entity. This type of service can be comprehensive, allowing for ongoing support from professionals. They are responsible for:

  • maintaining IT systems,
  • implementing new technological solutions,
  • responding to cyber security problems and threats.

The second type is partial outsourcing. It applies to selected activities, such as:

  • server management,
  • building and installing dedicated applications,
  • removal of malware,
  • database maintenance,
  • conducting training among company employees,
  • IT consulting.

Rapid development of IT outsourcing

The IT outsourcing sector is growing rapidly, which is also evident in Poland. Our country is considered one of the best locations for companies looking for technological support. This is determined by:

  • access to highly qualified programmers – according to a ranking by the HackerRank service, Polish IT specialists are ranked third in the world. First and second place respectively when it comes to the two most popular backend languages, namely Java and Python
  • the high attractiveness of services from a financial perspective.

Responding to the ever-increasing needs of companies for IT outsourcing, CosmicWeb also offers services such as comprehensive or partial IT support for the company. Regardless of the scope of necessary activities, our experienced team is able to help any company with the construction and operation of modern IT systems.

Who is IT outsourcing for?

The answer is – for all companies. Admittedly, it is used on the widest scale by large entities that have the necessary financial resources, and have an extensive structure that requires the presence of IT specialists. However, this does not mean that professional IT services cannot also cover small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as start-ups – in their case, partial or dedicated outsourcing can be an effective solution.

IT care from a qualified partner is a recommended solution for any company, no matter where it operates. Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of:

  • offshoring – involves the execution of tasks by a company located in another country or even continent,
  • nearshoring – involves cooperation with an entity located close to the contractor and belonging to the same cultural circle.

Full or partial IT outsourcing is for any company whose employees do not have specialized IT knowledge and skills necessary to operate modern IT systems.

Why is IT outsourcing beneficial?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of business conducted by the company and the scope of cooperation that is undertaken by it with an external partner. In each case, however, one can speak of several key benefits of IT care from an external entity.

Cost optimization

Outsourcing is beneficial because its effect is to reduce the costs incurred in maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure. There is no need to create a separate workplace, which eliminates costs:

  • hiring an employee – this is not only about salary and social security or tax contributions, but also expenses for training or professional development; this type of cost increases significantly if the company needs several specialists in different IT fields,
  • equipping the workplace with the necessary tools, including a computer or telephone.

It is also important that there is no need to incur expenses for the purchase of modern software or application updates, as well as employee training – an external company is responsible for such activities. There is also no risk that a company-trained employee will suddenly leave, and the investment in his development will prove misguided and will not bring long-term benefits to the company.

IT outsourcing is also the elimination of difficulties related to the lack of continuity of work, which may result from:

  • illness or vacation of an employee – the outsourcer provides a qualified specialist in every situation,
  • application malfunctions – even in case of malfunctions, a professional will take care of their quick removal.

Outsourced IT services for companies also mean an increase in the reliability of IT systems. For example, in a manufacturing company, this translates into timely delivery of customer orders and promotion of its positive image in the market, which means higher profits.

Increased flexibility of company operations

By outsourcing IT services, the company gains the ability to adjust the nature of cooperation to its individual needs. It can opt for support:

  • long-term or short-term, which can be resigned from at a certain time or changed in scope,
  • implemented by one or several employees, or even a whole dedicated team,
  • billed in a convenient way¸for example, on an hourly basis.

IT support by an external partner is a recommended solution for all those who care about tailored services, i.e. those that are closely tailored to the specifics of the company’s operation and that are implemented exactly when there is a demand for them. This allows the company to effectively adapt to the constantly changing conditions that exist in the environment.

Saving time

Cooperation with an external partner, whose employees have the appropriate knowledge and experience, makes the implementation of tasks related to the construction or maintenance of applications efficient and effective. Thanks to excellent orientation in technological trends and knowledge of the market and clients’ needs, the IT outsourcer is able to quickly implement solutions that will contribute to the realization of business goals.

As a result of cooperation with such an entity, the company saves time also because:

  • there is a smooth flow of information between it and the contractor, often possible 24 hours a day, which improves, for example, the response to cyber threats,
  • it can benefit from the skills of a team whose members will perform their tasks much faster than a hired IT specialist,
  • it does not have to recruit personnel for the IT department – due to the shortage of programmers on the market (in Poland the staff shortage is estimated at 50,000 people), it is not uncommon to fail to find a suitable candidate.

IT support from a specialized entity provides significant benefits also because it allows the company’s employees to focus on their core business. They do not have to perform tasks that are not their specialty – this includes, for example, the elimination of cyber threats.

Other benefits of IT outsourcing

IT care supplied by an external partner provides:

  • access to modern technologies, thanks to which the company can increase the level of competitiveness in the market and gain customers faster,
  • increase in the level of cyber security in the organization,
  • increased efficiency and quality of the company’s IT support activities,
  • expansion of technological knowledge among employees, which can result in the development of innovation.

IT outsourcing with CosmicWeb is a guarantee that the desired results will be achieved – this is determined by the fact that we use proven and effective methods, and take joint responsibility for the development of the company. That is why it is worth using our services.