TechEx Europe 2022 – our coverage of the expo

At CosmicWeb, we are committed to continuous development in order to improve the technologies we use and offer the highest level of service. That’s why we couldn’t miss out on one of the most important technology events, TechEx Europe 2022. Read our coverage of the event here.

TechEx Europe 2022 exhibition hall in Amsterdam

A few words about TechEx Europe

The trade fair is part of the TechEx Event series. They feature booths of the most important technology companies from all over the world, as well as conferences and exhibitions on modern IT systems. In 2022, the entire series consists of the following events:

  • TechEx Europe, held on 20-21 September at the RAI exhibition hall complex in Amsterdam,
  • TechEx North America – 5-6 October, Santa Clara Convention Center,
  • TechEx Global – 1-2 December, Olympia exhibition centre in London.

During TechEx Europe, the main focus was on the following areas:

  • artificial intelligence (AI),
  • Big Data,- cyber security,
  • cloud computing
  • blockchain,
  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • edge computing,
  • digital transformation.
Entrance to TechEx Europe in Amsterdam

We were at the fair as visitors. The CosmicWeb team was most interested in IoT, but booths related to cyber-security, Big Data or AI also caught our attention – in general, this was true for all exhibitors whose products can improve our daily business and contribute to a more efficient implementation of future projects. We were able to learn about the cutting-edge technology solutions presented by many companies, as well as to take advantage of the networking opportunities and meet new contractors.

As always in the course of our business, we have combined the pleasant with the useful – building functional and responsive applications is not only our profession, but above all our passion. The CosmicWeb team is strongly focused on continuous development, and events like TechEx Europe are the perfect opportunity to do so.

We came, we saw and… made valuable business contacts

The TechEx Europe trade show in Amsterdam was attended by:

  • more than 350 cutting-edge solution providers,
  • several thousand technology professionals – this included IT directors and managers, scientists, programmers, government representatives, investors or operators of various networks,
  • more than 500 speakers, who shared a lot of valuable information and a wealth of experience – you could listen to employees of Amazon and Philips, for example.

So we had plenty to choose from when it came to gaining expertise and expanding our contractor base. We were able to learn about how modern technologies are improving the efficiency of operators in various sectors, including:

  • manufacturing,
  • transport – this includes logistic supply chains,
  • automotive,
  • energy,
  • healthcare,
  • retail,
  • insurance.

Such knowledge can be used effectively in the delivery of our services. It becomes useful, for example, when expert advice is needed for companies on which technological solution to choose in order to help them achieve their business goals and strengthen their competitive position in the market.

Exhibitors and products at TechEx Europe – valuable inspiration for CosmicWeb and our customers

At the fair, we were introduced to many modern IT solutions and equipment. Amongst others, there were suppliers of Teltonika equipment, whose range includes equipment for the acquisition and transmission of location data. In addition, we were interested in the offerings presented by manufacturers such as:

  • Snyk – the company has built a platform so that developers and cyber security teams can work closely together when building applications,
  • Teleport – a single platform for accessing multiple distributed resources,
  • GitLab – a system that allows for the storage of git repositories; at CosmicWeb, we have been using this type of service basically since the beginning,
  • Ataccama – an automated data catalogue where, thanks to artificial intelligence, you can easily manage files and combine information from different sources,
  • Thomas Murray – a platform for monitoring IT infrastructure for cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as determining the level of cyber risk; Zerofox and SoSafe also made interesting offers in the area of cyber security.
A section of the hall where TechEx Europe 2022 took place, with stands from Snyx and Zerofox

An interesting solution that was presented at TechEx Europe 2022 is the Oyster3-4G. This is a waterproof, compact GPS-based location device that provides very long battery life. It is useful for vehicle tracking, for example, and could become a valuable component of some of CosmicWeb’s projects, including for companies in the transport industry.

One Step AI is also worth mentioning. This is a proprietary platform from the Polish company Intratel, with which it is possible to create functional artificial intelligence models based on audiovisual material. We have already used such a system many times at CosmicWeb, using custom solutions offered by other development teams that were based on AI. It allows us to extend the application with modules that analyse images and video in real time, which can be useful, for example, when building databases containing data of customers of a specific brand.

What did the visit to TechEx Europe in Amsterdam give us?

By participating in this event we were able to:

  • be thoroughly familiar with what is happening in the European and global technology market, so that the CosmicWeb team can effectively keep up with all the trends and innovations in the use of modern IT systems during the implementation of projects,
  • get to know contractors with whom we can enter into valuable cooperation in order to continuously improve the quality of our services

We also went to Amsterdam to check out the functionalities of the products offered by the exhibitors. The state-of-the-art devices and systems that we can implement in the applications we build will help us to better adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market and consumers. They will also contribute to improving and enhancing the business operations of our customers by offering them solutions that:

  • are characterised by a high level of innovation, ensuring adequate competitiveness in the market,
  • attract the attention of users with their high level of functionality or the possibility of extensive integration with many other systems.

TechEx Europe 2022 presented us with a unique opportunity to develop further to meet the needs of our contractors even better. That’s why we were keen to go to Amsterdam for inspiration and new challenges.