CosmicWeb is a team of well-rounded and experienced developers, for whom taking on new challenges is a motivation for further development. In the course of our activity, we have completed many interesting projects, and one of them was building a WordPress-based website for the CannabisVital company. Learn how our commitment resulted in a functional and attractive website for the viewer.

CannabisVital – a contractor for whom the hemp industry has no secrets

To begin with, we will introduce the company for which we did the project. CannabisVital operates in the hemp industry, selling CBD oils. They are used, for example, when we have problems with:

  • falling asleep,
  • appetite,
  • concentration.

CannabisVital operates an online store where it sells CBD oils. The website is the primary way to build brand awareness in the market. Due to the high level of competition, it had to be designed to attract attention from users. This is what we took care of.

What goals did CosmicWeb have to build a website for CannabisVital?

Clear tasks were set before our team – we were to create a site that:

  • generate more traffic to the site, resulting in increased sales of CBD oils by CannabisVital,
  • will improve indexation by Google robots, thanks to which the site will achieve a better position in the search engine and Internet users will be able to reach it more easily,
  • will be user-friendly and attractive, allowing to build a base of loyal customers who will be eager to return to the site to make purchases,
  • will increase the number of newsletter subscribers, which is important in terms of building long-term relationships with customers and strengthening brand awareness among them.

Our team, by building a functional and UX/UI compliant website, was to help CannabisVital achieve its business goals. These include intensive development in the Polish hemp market and steady growth in profits. Below we will describe what steps we have taken in this direction.

CannabisVital website – construction and general assumptions

We were commissioned to build the entire site, from scratch – we used a popular CMS, or content management system, which is WordPress. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. We decided on it because:

  • it is easy to use, even though it has a heavily expanded menu,
  • it has a lot of ready-made templates – we used one of them during the implementation of the order for CannabisVital, which influenced the great efficiency of the project,
  • you can use it to build a site with multiple tabs, including a product catalog and a blog,
  • gives access to a number of plugins, increasing the functionality of the site.

In the course of building the site, we used WooCommerce. This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to launch an e-commerce site. With it, on the CannabisVital site you can:

  • add products,
  • attach descriptions and photos to them, as well as specify technical parameters like bottle capacity or CBD content in the product,
  • integrate the store with external services, such as those for online payments.

During the development of the site, we configured a WordPress template, as well as created individual subpages and added products and content. Of great importance was the placement of payment gateways so that users could easily finalize transactions.

The CannabisVital website is a cohesive concept – we emphasized that it should be consistent and associated with the type of business the company conducts and the type of products it sells. This is served by:

  • a unique color scheme, based mainly on green and shades of yellow,
  • the placement of the brand’s logo in each tab.

In this way, the website we built is an integral part of CannabisVital’s visual identity . It contributes significantly to the creation of the image of this company in the market and distinguishes it from its competitors.

CannabisVital’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate

At CosmicWeb, we realize that a functional website is one of the best ways to attract customers. That’s why CannabisVital’s website is not overloaded with content, but at the same time contains all the elements that affect better SEO and allow users to gain comprehensive information about the company’s offerings. In it we have:

  • the home page, where you can find basic information about the product range and the effects that can be achieved with CBD oils, as well as customer reviews resulting from their use,
  • the store, where the entire assortment is included, and where there are details on payment and delivery methods and return policies,
  • a tab with a detailed description of CBD oils, where we can read about the certificates, as well as answers to frequently asked questions,
  • a sub-page with a blog – it could not be missing, since thanks to the valuable content presented within it, you can build relationships with users, as well as present yourself as an expert in the industry,
  • contact form.

During the construction of the site, we focused on ease of navigation – we used the principle of three clicks, so that each user can quickly find the content of interest. This is due to the fact that:

  • access to the most important bookmarks is possible from any sub-page, not just the home page – on mobile devices it is enough to click on the so-called hamburger menu, i.e. three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner,
  • at the bottom of each tab there is a panel with additional information, where we can check the privacy policy, terms and conditions or rules related to complaints, as well as order the newsletter,
  • we can quickly return to the home page by clicking on the CannabisVitallogo located at the top of all subpages.

Navigating the site is made easier by the search bar that appears when we enter, for example, the blog, as well as access to the shopping cart – it is displayed on the home page or, in the case of smartphones, when we click on the sandwich menu. We can add products to it without going into their descriptions, which is important, for example, when a user is satisfied with previous purchases and wants to purchase oils again, but without reading information about them. In the shopping cart, the summary of purchases is clear – there we have information about the selected products, their cost and delivery options, as well as a button directing to payment.

On the main page of CannabisVital we used scrolling. It consists in the fact that as we scroll down, more information is displayed to us. We decided on scrolling because it ensures faster loading of the page, and also allows us to provide users with more information – they don’t have to go through tabs to see the basic elements of CannabisVital’s offer.

Attractive graphic layer is a strong point of CannabisVital’s website.

The sites we build are not only clear and easy to use, but also graphically interesting for users. Therefore, the CannabisVital website:

  • is clear – information elements and audiovisual materials are loosely arranged, so the store is not overloaded with content,
  • has well-thought-out graphics – product photos are in the right resolution, in addition, there are simple icons, thanks to which, for example, the positive effects of CBD oils on the human body are presented,
  • contains CTAs in appropriate places, i.e. calls to action such as „read more,” „add to cart” or „buy now.”

It is worth noting the color scheme – we opted for a limited color palette, which does not distract the user while using the site, but instead makes it easier to find the necessary information. In places that required special prominence, colors other than green or yellow were used for example, information on promotions is on a red background.

CannabisVital online store is another successful project of our team

The CannabisVital website is not only functional and attractive to the viewer, but also loads quickly. This is important because every user wants to efficiently obtain information of interest and make purchases of selected products. According to the Unbounce report, as many as 79% of online shoppers pay attention to the speed of loading the site when making purchasing decisions.

The website we built is also responsive, which means that it displays correctly on all devices, including mobile ones. This is important because shopping through a smartphone or tablet is already done by more than half of Poles.

CannabisVital’s online store is a simple, clear and convenient-to-use site that helps the company achieve its business goals. We are glad that we had the pleasure of participating in such an interesting project, which was the construction of this e-shop. But we don’t stop there – we are looking forward to other, equally interesting realizations.