Księgi Barneja

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of the CosmicWeb team. Based on this assumption, we started cooperating with the online bookstore Księgi Barneja, which resulted in the implementation of many functional features to make it compatible with the business goals of this entity automation and improvements. Find out what our role was in the project and what the results were.

A few words about our partner

The Księgi Barneja Shop operates online. As indicated on its website, it sells books written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It offers items that are useful in the business world, including when running a business and achieving strategic goals. This includes printed books, as well as e-books and audiobooks, which include advice on how to:

  • act in business,
  • recognise new opportunities in your environment and use them effectively,
  • continuously develop and strengthen your own competences.

Shop ksiegibarneja.pl

Our client also provides logistics services within the KBooks platform. It provides simple and fast integration with various e-commerce systems such as Shoper, PrestaShop or WooCommerce, offering partners transport and storage of goods, as well as their packaging and shipping or returns handling. In this respect, the company works with a number of contractors operating not only in the publishing market, but also in real estate or social networks such as Youtube.

How did we improve the Księgi Barneja shop?

Our client emphasises continuous development on the book market in Poland and intensifying cooperation with an increasing number of partners. Therefore, when embarking on the cooperation with the CosmicWeb team, the main goal was to implement a number of improvements and automations that would make acquiring more contractors much easier than before.

We developed the following functionalities:

  • single email order handling – when a message with an order is received, the system immediately analyses it and an order is created
  • automatic dispatch of e-books from within the application when an order appears in Shoper
  • basket.click, in which it is possible to generate a simple shopping basket for a single product – the system works in such a way that a link directing to the offer is placed in the basket, through which it is possible to place an order quickly and conveniently
  • discount management – this is done in Shoper from the level of an external application which is easy to use; it includes import and export of data on discounts in convenient to edit CSV format files
  • affiliation system – under this system, customers receive a commission for recommending products available in the Księgi Barneja shop; the system also collects information on customer location, which is useful in the context of increasing the effectiveness of the company’s advertising activities,
  • convenient communication with the shop based on the API interface of the Shoper platform and the BaseLinker system available to customers
  • synchronisation of products with Google Sheets, i.e. sheets allowing the analysis of databases – this makes it possible to collect data on leads obtained from forms on landing pages or pop-ups

Shopping basket design at ksiegibarneja.pl

Thanks to integration with an external supplier, new products are added to the shop with links to the offer. We have also built applications to support the functioning of KBooks, a platform that allows logistics processes to be carried out on behalf of other companies.

The kbooks.pl platform

In creating the solutions for Księgi Barneja, we used:

  • React, a library used within the JavaScript programming language
  • the Laravel framework, which is based on the PHP language

What are the results of Księgi Barneja’s collaboration with the CosmicWeb team?

Thanks to the automation and enhancements we have performed, we have created bespoke software that has allowed Księgi Barneja:

  • expand its assortment with more items available from external suppliers – this was made possible by integrating the software with other e-stores
  • deliver orders to customers more quickly as a result of improved communication with them and increased efficiency of the entire sales system, which increases satisfaction with the services offered by the company and its better perception in the market
  • cooperate more effectively with a number of contractors – this allows the shop to increase the level of trust on the part of potential partners and its wider than previously, development on the logistics and bookselling market in Poland, as well as basing its activity on other sales channels, not only its own website

Our team implemented functionality that was fully compliant with Księgi Barneja’s business requirements. The shop owner stated that CosmicWeb could not have done anything better. So our work was done perfectly, and the result was a win-win – the client got exactly what they wanted, while we gained another contractor who we will be able to help whenever further improvements need to be implemented or technical support needs to be provided.

Cooperation with Barneja is the best incentive for us in the future.

We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback that the owner of the Księgi Barneja shop gave the CosmicWeb team after completing our implementations. He highlighted:

  • the fast communication through multiple channels, including phone, email or the Trello platform or our CRM software
  • the comprehensiveness of our offering – we were able to develop all the tools that were necessary from the point of view of meeting Księgi Barneja’s business objectives at the time
  • the ease of working with us – the client only had to formulate the requirements and challenges and we took care of the rest
  • the final result in line with all expectations and guidelines of the owner of Księgi Barneja

In his words, nothing is impossible for us. This is true – as an experienced software house with the expertise and necessary tools, we are able to implement any kind of IT project, no matter what its scope is and what functionalities it includes. We invite anyone who needs improvements to their e-store to contact us.