Safe Space

At CosmicWeb, we deal with a lot of challenges. One of the biggest ones was taking over from another company the process of building an application that is used to track contacts – The existing product was non-functional and did not work properly under heavy workload. Read about the course of work and how we dealt with problems that aros.

Safe Space – subject of implementation

In 2020, we undertook an assignment that involved building an application to monitoring social distance. It was called Safe Space.  

It uses innovative UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology, which is based on high frequencies, enabling wireless communication over short distances and the transmission of location or direction data. The application, via a small device, including one worn as a wristwatch, allows the user to send audible, visual or vibration signals when his or her distance from a person is less than 2 metres. The accuracy is 10 cm.

The solution has become useful, for example, for employees of companies and industrial plants, members of the health service or visitors to public facilities. The CosmicWeb team was instrumental in putting it into use.


Safe Space application was not built by us from scratch. We took over the project from another team. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be complete, it turned out that it is underdeveloped and has many deficiencies. The main problems boiled down to:

  • insufficient optimization, which resulted in too slow performance – this was
    especially noticeable during increased traffic from users,
  • lack of responsiveness, which resulted in incorrect display on
    mobile devices,
  • low functionality – the application did not contain many useful solutions, including
    including access to statistics and reports

Before proceeding, we looked at what of the elements developed so far elements that have been developed to date can be used, and which areas require extensive reprogramming. It turned out that there is a lot of work ahead of us – but we took up the challenge, counting on the experience and knowledge of our team.

Our project activities

Immediately after verifying the client’s requirements, we set to work:

  • we planned the scope of implementation, including the needs of the target group,
  • we refined the interface based on UX/UI, which was built by the previous team,
  • we performed development, i.e. we verified whether all functions work and the user can perform particular actions correctly,
  • we tested the application to finally correct errors and prepare it for commercial use

We used the AWS Aurora platform as our database. We decided to use it, because it is very efficient (5 times faster in comparison to standard MySQL databases) which in case of such complex application as Safe Space was of key importance.
Other advantages of Amazon Aurora are high level of security and reliability and also the possibility to automatically perform administrative activities, such as installing patches or creating backup copies.

The final result

We built and brought to production implementation an application that is attractive in terms of UX/UI and provides quick access to many useful functions. It is distinguished by an easy to use interface. Within it, there is a panel contact tracking – where you can check data on the number of alarms in a specified. The contact tracking panel provides data within a defined time period and their duration, as well as average alarm time and distance from the infected person distance from the infected person. The numerical values are given in either metric or imperial units. or in imperial units.

The final result – a clear and easy to use interface, thanks to which we can quickly find the necessary information needed.

The application offers graphs presenting statistics, including those for individual employees, which is very important in the functioning of workplaces. Each user can get information about places where the minimum social distance was exceeded. In the panel it is also possible to generate reports for a selected period – they are supported in CSV or PDF format.

Tab with location information – all data can be found quickly and easily.

We built an application that:

  • has an intuitive panel for easy navigation,
  • is appropriately developed, allowing access to all information necessary in connection. It has an intuitive panel which makes it easy to navigate, it is well-developed, giving access to all the information necessary in connection with monitoring the social distance,
  • adapts to the user, because it is scalable and responsive,
  • high performance and speed – data loading is fast, data
    loading takes a short time,
  • It enables efficient management by the administrator, which is important. This is very important, for example, in the health care system.

Currently, we continue to maintain the application to keep it running smoothly – we respond to every problems, including those reported by users, and we perform performance or security tests.

Despite initial difficulties, associated with taking over the order from another company, we managed made it. CosmicWeb is a team of well-tuned specialists for whom every challenge, such as Safe Space, is a great opportunity to learn and gain experience. We are looking forward to further implementations of this type.